03 January 2007


Hi to all. I hope your holidays were enjoyable for everyone. This not a knitting post but a FYI about WD-40. I have always had a can of it in my house for the squeaks that drive us all crazy or for that screw that is just stuck! I was surfing the web due to boredom. I am not in the crafty mood. I came upon this page of what you can use WD-40 for; I had no idea! So I wanted to share it with you so you can be as amazed as I am. Check the link above. I think I need another can of the stuff. :-))


17 December 2006

Been Away.....

from my laptop and internet for a while. Still doing my crafty thing completing a baby hat, chemo hat, finished the tape on my new Tape/Box loom making a bookmark and a distaff.

I have been apartment hunting which takes so much time but I think I have finally found one. Having dogs seems to be such a negative when it comes to apartment hunting. Did you know that places charge apartment rent, some up to $50 per month to have your dog, each one at that, and a huge deposit too. I guess that's a So. CA thing. That's okay, my new place is dog and cat friendly!

I'll be back with pictures of my projects and new digs soon.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Everyone!


23 November 2006

Box/Tape Loom Arrival !!

I just recieved my hand made Box/Tape Loom 3/4 Size from Jonathan Seidel of PA. It's the cutess thing I have ever seen. Lightweight & easy to use. It was pre-srtung/wrapped with a few inches of the tape already completed. I just had to post pictures of my new loom. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

18 November 2006


I've made it home. Stayed an extra day just for fun. I did stop in Solvang; shopped at the weaving shop - 2 new spindles-Larson & Schacht; 10 skeins of Kid Merino from Crystal Palace in a pretty gray; Potluck Roving in Ocean Blue.

I am so glad to be home. I really missed my bed!


06 November 2006

Knitting and Spinning Once Again!

I finished the baby bonnet; now on to another project. Like I need to start another one...should finish the ones on my needles now!

I have also seriously started to try to spin on my drop spindle again. It got the best of me months ago. Drafting just wasn't computing in my brain. I think I have it this time though...LOL

I happened upon a new shop called
Stick & Stone Fiberart, located in Van Nuys,Ca. on the website Spindlicity. Now I will be able to shop for spinning supplies closer to home.


03 November 2006

Shop with Everything

SmileyCentral.comThe Village Spinning & Weaving Shop located in Solvang, CA near Santa Maria is a crafters paradise. You name it, they have it. If you don't live in California near the location they have mail order too. Time for a shopping list.
I'm taking a driving trip to San Francisco next Sunday for business and pleasure; planning to stay in Solvang overnight just to shop. It's an 8-hour trip from Anaheim to SF on 101; it's much faster on I-5 but no good side trip places like
Monterey/Carmel area.


02 November 2006

Bonnet Update

I have been on a knitting spree; finished knitting main body, still need to block the points and make the I-cord tie. OBTW, the head is a ball of yarn.


Baby Bonnet Design

My daughter's friend is having a baby girl in December. I decided to knit a bonnet using 100% 2-ply Cashmere on a size 5 (US) needle. This is my own bonnet design using an Orenburg style pattern stitch thanks to classes I took from Galina Khmeleva. I have the front lace edging completed which isn't an Orenburg stitch. Who knows how I came up with it.
These are two pictures of the edging. I'll show you more pictures as I go.


01 November 2006

Knitting Tip

I know a large number of us use bamboo needles. Some of the new needles(ex.,double pointed from Germany)don't have the "slide" that our well-used ones do. To get that "slide", take a small piece of wax paper, fold it around your needle, rub them back and forth.


27 October 2006

I fixed it.....

thanks to another blogger Steven at E-VIEWZ. Thanks Steven!

Free Patterns from Berroco

Berroco is offering offering free patterns. Click here here for knitted crochet and knitting needle rolls.This has been interesting; I have been trying to get this link fixed so all you have to do is click on"here" to go to the other page. I'll figure it out but I sure am glad I knit better then I blog.


26 October 2006

Hi to All

This is my first time doing a blog, so please be patient with me.
I am a knitter who has several projects going at once. Currently, I am working on a Kiri Shawl, using Frog Tree Alpaca. I wanted a heavier shawl, this yarn is working great. There is also a Sheer One-Piece Shawl from "Modular Knits" by Iris Schreier in the works. Check out
Art Yarns for more information and join the Multidirectional News Group.I will be post pictures of both shawls soon.
I am looking forward to the adventures of blogging!